Tuesday, November 08, 2005

REAL GONE play Gutter Demons CD Launch

Two gigs in one week! First, REAL GONE opened for CREEPSHOW in a Nov.2 post-Hallowe'en gig at a new alternative club in Kensington Market , "Neutral".

Then on Nov.5. at the Cadillac Lounge, REAL GONE opened
real gone photo
for the amazing GUTTER DEMONS from Montreal, who were celebrating their CD release!

By the way, we're still waiting for someone to use the comments section (below)!!!

Dawn One

gutter demons photo
The show was presented by Toronto's unforgettable rockabilly duo, "John and Jenny" ...
John and Jenny
John dives in!
John and Jenny
Jenny swears that rubbing John's Buddha belly brings luck- and kissing it evidently more!
real gone photo
Kevin (of REAL GONE) and Erika, post show exit
real gone photo
Trish and Christian (of REAL GONE)

For photos of REAL GONE opening for the GUTTER DEMONS at Cadillac Lounge or to hear some tunes, visit the REAL GONE website!
Back Into the Studio
We are heading back into the studio in December to get ready for our first release coming in the new year.
So expect us to be flogging the hell outa the CD when it's ready!

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