Friday, March 10, 2006

February Photos, NEW CD, UK Sarah

REAL GONE was invited to play an upcoming Rockabilly weekender in the UK... alas, the band couldn't make it this time... but we are there in spirit(s) through our Lady Sarah, who is off causing trouble across the pond, with the lovely Larissa as accomplice. We are expecting photos and amazing stories from Sarah, to be posted here upon her return!!!

Larissa at the Boathouse gig, Feb.'06
Larissa is planning a move to Spain... we are going to miss her so much!!

In February REAL GONE had the honour of playing the legendary Horseshoe Tavern, in Toronto. Photos are posted on the website, along with the Boathouse, Kitchener photos.

REAL GONE's new CD (and first, so highly collectable) is pressed and ready! We will be bringing it to the gigs, and offering it for sale on the website soon!

Happy ST.Patrick's Day to all,

and to those in Toronto, don't forget to make it to out to our March 28, 2006 Bovine Sex Club gig !!
CD's will be available!

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