Monday, December 08, 2008

Real Gone Web Site is no more...

Christian D and the Hangovers, originally uploaded by DawnOne.

Real Gone Web Site is no more... Long Live the Real Gone BLOG!
As of Dec.11, 2008 the Real Gone website will end, but the blog will continue on.
Kevin has moved to Chicago and is playing gigs with bands there- I will add updates on his status.

Sarah has left the building. If we get an update on her whereabouts, we'll be happy to include it!
Christian D has formed his new band,
Christian D and the Hangovers.
and Michael is now playing drums with them. They are set to play their first Ottawa and Montreal gigs this week.Come on out! Christian D and the Hangovers are also booked to play the 2009 Red Hot and Blue Weekender in Montreal, Labour Day weekend.

Upcoming Christian D and the Hangovers Jan. 09 Shows

23 Jan 2009 20:00
Elmdale House Tavern w/Ninety Pounds of Ugly OTTAWA, Ontario

24 Jan 2009 21:00
L’ Esco with Ronnie Hayward MONTREAL, Quebec

Myspace site-

Band members-
Christian D- vox & guitar
Brendan Bauer- guitar
Mack Black- doghouse bass & vox
Michael Craib -drums & vox

Thanks to all our REAL GONE fans for their support! We love you!!
BTW We still have REAL GONE CDs for sale at $10. which, now the band is officially defunct, will be highly collectible!
Order here, with destination so we can calculate S&H if not in Canada (Canadian destinations are included in the $10.), to arrange Paypal payment or some other method:
REAL GONE CD's can be ordered at:
realgone (AT) rogers (DOT) com

OR leave a message on this blog.
Real GONE (for real...)


zombiesare said...

hey, still have cd's available?

Dawn One said...
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Dawn One said...

CD's can be ordered at:
realgone (AT) rogers (DOT) com
Canadian postage included in the $10.

dnr said...

Long live the Gone

The Mouth said...

Hey, it's a few years late but trying to track down some Real Gone material!

The Mouth said...

Hey, looking for Real Gone stuff! Still available??

Dawn One said...

YES! Email dawnone AT hotmail DOT com and I'll put you in touch with the drummer!