Saturday, January 14, 2006

Of Gorillas and Buddha Butts...

Smilin' Buddha Bar, Toronto, Sat.,Jan. 7, 2006

REAL GONE helped celebrate Frogger's 30th birthday at the "Smilin' Buddha"!

Frogger and John
Here he is with his buddy John, of John and Jenny's, who organized the event! No Buddha Bellies from John this time (see earlier blog) , though a "Buddha Butt" made a surprise appearance, startling Lady Sarah! I now understand why... check out this photo, taken from the vantage of the stage- No
BUTTS about it , or rather, too much and too many!

Michael, REAL GONE's drummer, was also celebrating his birthday, two days earlier! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL!!

Thanks to special guest Alistair Christl. He'll also be opening for REAL GONE at the upcoming Kitchener gig.

Pete Gorilla stood in for REAL GONE's guitarist Kevin Mahon, who was out of town. Pete's an amazing guitar player and a great rockabilly singer. He's originally from Hungary and plays with GORILLA.

Pete Gorilla

More photos of the night on the REAL GONE website!
Plus info about the upcoming Kitchener gig February 4 and Horseshoe, Toronto gig on February 20th!!


Hard Hearted Hannah said...

hey uncle chris! i just looked at your site and now, your blog! i really love it! you should come and do a mini-tour in the maritimes because i'd love to hear you guys! I miss you! can't wait to see you this summer!

Monty P Marshall said...

Hey guys, just checking out your Blog. Were a rockabilly band from Saskatchewan called hot rod hullabaloo. Nice stuff!